1, 23 maj 1999
Höst, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Nickels & Dimes,Just as Priest, Sky High, Children of the damned, Tors Bockar, Bolum boys

2, 19 nov. 1999
Rise & Shine, Terra Firma, RIP Bon Scott, Children of the damned, Sabotage, Norrsken, Nickels & Dimes, Strollers, Bacon Brothers, Hansson & Karlsson, Blackfoot brothers

3, 1 juni 2000
Purple Rain, Razamanaz, Bigelf, Sky High, Except, Puch Dakota, Willy and the poor boys, Just as Priest, Five Fifteen, Smoke & strong whiskey

4, 25 nov 2000
Bacon Brothers, Cecilia & the happy happies, Marie Martens & Voodoo Chiles, Huliganes, Iron Bömb, Emerald, Ma Kellyís boys, AB/CD, Lennarth Bloody Lennarth, Lance Wakely, Jenny & Björn

5, 15 april 2001
Kiss of thunder, Totta Näslund, Cecilia & the happy happies, Nitzinger, Tears, Ace of Dc, Just as Priest, Lennarth Bloody Lennarth, Except, Dr Harmonica, 1,5

6, 24 nov 2001
Zeppo Leppinen, Thee Ultra Bimboos, Cecilia & the happy happies, Sky High, Only Maiden, Blastrock, Rainballs, Lennerth Bloody Lennarth, Human Race, Dr Harmonica

7, 23 nov 2002
Tinitus, Dr. Harmonica, Utopia, Lennarth of OZ, Backdraft, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Ace of DC, Just as Priest, Bacon Brothers, Fatal Smile

8, 22 nov 2003
Twinbal, Rhythm Kings, Monaco Bluesband med gäst Kenny Håkansson, Five Fifteen with very special guest, John Lawton , Budgie, Cecilia & The Happy Happies, Stairway to hell, Fornext, Remu & Hurriganes, Amazon, Except , Monsters of Metal (Mats Levén. Fredrik Åkesson, Johan Nieman, Sami Karppeninen)

9, 27 november 2004
Nazareth, Cathedral, Girlschool, Mustasch, Mick Clarke band (UK) Mick Clarke (ex-Killing Floor), Dave Lennox (ex Ginger Baker, Blodwyn Pig), Meldrum, Dr Harmonica, Spoonful of Blues, Abramis Brama, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, The Jacks, Paperback Freud, Nerved, Anthem – A tribute to DIO, Just as Priest, Live Wire, Lennarth bloody Lennarth

10, 26 nov 2005 Hårdrock
Budgie, Ken Hensley, Grand Magus, Crucified Barbara, Sky High, Moose, Ozzy the coverband, Hymas, Burning Saviours, NonWorkingGeneration, Dr Harmonica, Cecilia & The Happy Happies , Asoka, Svarte Pan

11, 24 November 2006
U.D.O. (D) , Tony Martin feat Geoff Nicholls (UK), Killing Floor (UK), Cecilia & the happy happies, Hubertus/Kim Larsen jam (DK), Hairy Boner’s, Voodoo Beans, Sabaton, Hellfueled, Only Maiden, Mustasch, Baditudes, Nutellica (D), Dr Harmonica (US)

12, 10 Mars 2007
Budgie, Krux, Morgana Lefay, Sky High, Cecilia & the Happy happies, Hairy Boner, Bullet, The Quill, M-Train, Mezzy Slide, Crazy Lixx, Eurosmith, Nutellica, Ozzy the coverband, Asoka, Solid Ground, Friendship time

13, 23 nov 2007
Ken Hensley (UK), Gotthard (Schweiz), Evergrey, Korpiklaani (SF), Tokyo Dragons (UK), Abramis Brama, Backdraft, Dr Harmonica (US), Sideburn, Fourever, Cecilia & The Happy Happies, Troublenecks, Ponamero Sundown, Asta Kask, Ebba Gold, Just as Priest, 99,9 % Judas Priest, ZZ ROCK, Hairy Boner’s tribute to AC/DC, Kiss Forever (HUN)

14, 21 november 2008
Lillasyster, Grand magus, Dream evil, Blackfoot (US), The Ramonas (UK), Bullet, Soulshake express, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, H.E.A.T, Mimikry, Crystal Caravan, Charta 77, Moosters, Iron made1em, Sabbath the coverband, Fatal Smile, Tributallica, Ammotrak, Dr Harmonica (US)

15, 20 november 2009
Molly Hatchet (US), SHAM 69 (UK), Adagio (France), Sator, The Ramonas (UK), Sparzanza, Witchcraft, Blindstone (DK), All Ends, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Abramis Brama, Dr Harmonica (US), Barbe-Q Barbies SF, Belford, Generation Swïne, DJ Mika Järvinen (SF)

16, 19 november 2010
Mountain (US) Leslie West, Corky Laing & Rev Jones, Sator, Lillasyster, Bangalore Choir (D), Insania, Hellfueled, Hysterica, Blindstone, Ebba Gold, Asoka, Eaglestrike, Horisont, Lommi, Black Bonzo, SNO, Just as Priest, Kizz Alive, Hairy Boner, Ozzy the coverband, Cecilia and the happy happies, Erik Brodén trio, DJ Mika Järvinen (SF), Pub Anchor at SeaB1 19.45-20.45 Kiss Alive

17, 18 november 2011
Corky Laing & The Memory Thieves (US), Nationalteatern, U.D.O. (D), Paul Di’Anno (UK), Belford, Cecilia & The Happy Happies, John Coghlan Atomic Boogie med Clas Yngström, DJ Mika Järvinen (SF), Attentat, Tank (UK), Tributallica, Asta Kask, Saturday Night’s Strike, Degreed, Dr Harmonica (US)

18, 16 november 2012
Ken Hensley (UK), Joe Lynn Turner (US), Amaranthe, Imber, Blues Pills, Mårran, Lillasyster, The Southern Cross (S/UK/US), Fatal Smile, Maiden Norway (N), Domination Black, Köttgrottorna, Sabbath bloody sabbath, The Errols, The Baboon show, Ramonas (UK), Noizzee (UK), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

19, 15 november 2013
Attentat, Dust, Black Star Riders (US/UK), Sham 69 (UK), Civil War, Stammrein, Maiden Norway (N), Quireboys (UK), Feel Dizzy, Torch, Sister Sin, Imber, Sin City (D), Days of Jupiter, BADiTUDES, Erik B Explosive 3

20, 14 november 2014
Krymplings, Bullet, Uriah Heep Legends (UK), Corky Laing & special guests (C/UK), Stammrein, Belford, Paul Di’anno & AK 47 (UK), Torch, Dust, Christer Stålbrandts SAGA, De lyckliga kompisarna, Barbe-Q-Barbies (SF), Man.Machine.Industry, Dazed, Abramis Brama, Dr. Harmonica, FU*K – Fagersta ukulele * klubb

21, 20 november 2015
Accept (D), Crucified Barbara, Supercharger (DK), Ramonas (UK), Dressed to Thrill, Ballbreaker, Slade (UK), Forever still (DK), Lizette &, Baditudes, Hans & Greta, Strindbergs, The Hawkins, F*CK, The Erik B Explosive 3, Hungry Joe, Mad Artwork, DJ Kåre

22, 8 november 2016
Vicious Rumors (US), Preacher Stone (US), Dirkschneider (D), Maskinisten, Ozzy the Coverband, Stacie Collins Band (US), Cream of Mountain (US), Dj Kåre, Violet Janine, Asoka, Just As Priest, Neon Rose, Dynazty, Man.machine.industry, FU*K, Dr Harmonica (US)

23, 17 november 2017
Kiss Forever  (HUN), Dan McCafferty  (Nazareth, Scotland) with Nazareth tribute-band Razamanaz (from Ukraine), Stiff Little Fingers (UK), Dregen, Crimson Sun (SF), Maiden Norway (N), Astral Doors, Dj Kåre, Bleak Outlook, Asoka, The Errols, Handsome dogs (D), Proggs, Ban Bianca, BallBreaker, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

24, 16 november 2018
Ken Hensley (UK/N), Hulkoff, Dead Beatz (Österike), Zed Head (US), Saffire, Cecilia & The Happy Happies, New Roses (D), Abramis Brama, SYSTYR SKIN-NERD (US) All female tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Roadhouse Diet, Devil Dog Road (SF), Earth Messiah, Feel Dizzy – A tribute to Thin Lizzy, Dr Harmonica (US), DJ KÅRE

25. 19 november 2021
A Tribute to Led Zeppelin, Dea Matrona (UK), Mustasch, Thundermother, Corroded, The Sonic Overlords, Spiders, Heavy Feather, Prins Svart, From the Sky, Cam Cole (UK), Winter’s bone – Tribute to Johnny Winter, Stew, Dr Harmonica (US), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

26. 18 nov 2022
Siena Root, Kiss Forver (HUN), Rock at sea all star band, Nestor, Thundermother, Bonafide, Treat, Torch, Lugnet, Made in Iron – Tribute to the beast, Hot Breath, Memory Garden, Cecilia & The Happy Combo, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

27. 17 nov 2023
Mercury Riots (US), H.E.A.T, Candlemass, Ramonas (UK), Zed Head (CAN), Revelations, Ström, The Errols goes heavy!, Dupio, Eads & Marassi (US-Hawaii), The Drippers, S.O.R.M. 2 Aces (DK), Hetfieldz, Cecilia & the Happy Combo, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson


50-tal & 60-tal

1, 20 nov 1999
Stefan Wikström, Jack Baymoore, Liverpool, Wildfire Willie, Nickels & Dimes, Willy and the poor boys, Go Getters, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Hanson & Karlsson, Blackfoot Brothers

2, 2 juni 2000
Jack Baymoore, Thunderbolts, Raging teens, Light valley shadows, Wildfire willie, Sonny Rogers, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Smoke & Strong whiskey

3, 26 nov 2000
Refreshments, Fun fun fun, Mainlainers, Somethiní else, Red Roosters, Ellis and the angry teens, Black Knights, Lance Wakely, Phil Trigwell

4, 16 april 2001
Bob Roberts, Ryno Rockers, Rockfolket med Burken & Rock-Ragge, Skinny Jim, Go Getters, Hank T. Morris, Slap Sally Combo, Bobby Chochran, Teencats, Dr Harmonica, 1,5

5, 23 nov 2001
Dee Rangers, Rockfolket med Rock Boris, Orbitunes, Crazy Cavan, Huliganes, Black Knights, Barnshakers, Willy and the poor boys, Dr Harmonica

6, 12 maj 2002
Boppiní Steve, Jack Baymoore, Rock around the clock all star band, Eva Eastwood, Silver bullets, Ljongbacken and his glasögonorm boys, Slapping suspenders, Cecilia & the happy happies, John Lindberg

7, 24 nov 2002
Thunderbolts, Black Knights, Ljongbacken and his glasögonorm boys, Det Betales, Wild wax combo, King Drapes, Sticky Fingers, Downliners sect, Curly Phillips & the NightRiders, Snakebite

8, 23 nov 2003
Liverpool, Trixie and the dudes, Go Getters, Eva Eastwood & the Major Keys, Matchbox, Midnight Shift, Be Bop Babes, Willy and the poor boys, Light Valley Shadows, Remu & Hurriganes, Ljongbacken and his glasögonorm boys, Johnny & the Roccos

9, 28 november 2004
Johnny Preston, The Jets, Brian Marston Projekt f.d Easybeats, Bluebirds, Black Knights, Lennerockers, Rockragge och Rockfolket, King Drapes, Wacos, Dottie & the Wolfpack, Daisy and the Ducktails, Moonstompers

10, 6 nov 2005
The Jets (UK), Darrel Higham (UK) , The Pensionairs (Steve Gibbons, Billy Bremner,Geraint Watkins, Fun, Fun, Fun, John Lindberg, Phil Trigwell & the Deputy’s, Handsome Brothers, Chick and the hawks, Rebel revenge (N), DJ Bounce (UK), The Go Getters, Razzle Dazzle (UK)

11, 25 November 2006
Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers (UK) , Stargazers (UK), DJ Bounce (UK), Rapiers (UK), Hubertus/Kim Larsen jam (DK), Candy J. & The Knockouts (SF), Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings, Built for speed (N), Hub Caps, Periferia (SF), Johnny & the Roccos (Scot), The Domestic Bumblebees, 250 kg kärlek , Dr Harmonica (US)

12, 24 nov 2007
Mungo Jerry (UK), John Leyton, Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys, The Flames (UK), Kentucky boys (D), Reservoir Cats (UK), Rebels Revenge (N), Trouble Boys (N), Hub Caps, Fancy Dan & The Highshouters, The Buckshots, Hellbilly Boys, Ljongbacken and his glasögonorm boys, Svante Grundberg, Dr Harmonica (US)

13, 22 november 2008
King Drapes (SF), The Errols, The Lennerockers (D), Johnny Preston (US), Chris Montez (US), Foggey Mountain Rockers (D), Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers, Hayden Thompson (US), Nina and the evil bumblebees, Lost rebels (SF), Snakebite, Wild Rooster, Dr Harmonica (US)

14, 21 november 2009
Black Raven (D), The Flat git it gang, Hicksville bombers (UK), The Kingcats (UK), Rockits, Thee Suspenders, Frantic Flintstones (UK/D/S), Gene Summers (US), Dr Harmonica, Lou Cifer and the Hellions (D), Johnny and the Roccos (UK), Lil’ Camille & the rattletones, Hellbilly boys, The Errols, The Troubled Three, Svante Grundberg, DJ Kåre Ljunggren

15, 13 nov 2010
Sleepy LaBeef (US), Sureshots (UK), TT-Grace, Jimmy Dell (US), Orbitunes, Hurley & The Blue Dotts, The Errols, The incredible Roy Young and band feat Howie Casey (UK), Foggy Mountain Rockers (D), Johnny Knife & his rippers (D/N), Sweet Jeena and her sweethearts (SF), Tennessee drifters, The Domestic Bumblebees, Wild Rooster, Astrolites, Svante Grundberg, DJ Kåre Ljunggren

16, 14 nov 2010
Robert Gordon (US), Mike Sanchez and his band (UK), Jack Baymoore and the bandits, Handsome Brothers, Rockin’ Elsa, Dreadnoughts, Cherry Tess and her rhythm sparks, Wackos, Sweet Jeena and her sweethearts (SF), Trouble Boys (N), Grey Coat, Sureshots (UK), Jimmy Dell (US), Orbitunes, Hurley & The Blue Dots, The Errols, Svante Grundberg, DJ Kåre Ljunggren

17, 12 nov 2011
Green Granadas (N), Sweet Jeena and her Sweet Hearts (SF), Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers (US), Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks (NL), The Errols, Jungle Tigers (D), The Vintage, Jump for joy, DJ & VJ Svante Grundberg, Radicanes, Johnny Trouble Trio (D), The Jetaways, Flat Foot, The Troubled Three, Rocket Overdrive, Dr Harmonica (US), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

18, 10 nov 2012
Furious (UK), Emmy Lou & the rhythm boys, Hank Sundown and the roaring cascades (N), Mike Bell & the Belltones (SF), Foggy Mountain Rockers (D), John Lindberg trio, Eva Eastwood and the major keys, Fanny Mae & the dynamite believers, The Errols, Trigwell and his lonesome tears (UK/S), Wild wax combo (DK), Johnny Horsepower (DK), Johnny and the Roccos (SCO), Clipjoint cutups, Rockfolket, Dr Harmonica (US), DJ Kåre + DJ Svante

19, 16 mars 2013
Eddie Nilsson, Black Raven (D), Wild Rooster, Truly lover trio (US), Jungle tigers (D), Graham Fenton (UK), Tupelo Chris and the highshots, Monkey and the baboons (POL), Hurley and the blue Dots, Kingmen, Sara Dee & her roping cowboys, Corten Steel & the blacksmith trio, Hub Caps, Hi-Winders, Wackos, The Dynamics, Dj Svante + Dj Kåre

20, 9 november 2013
Jack Baymoore and the Bandits, The Rapiers (UK), John Lindberg trio, Mars Attacks (SZ/AU), Dr Gringo (ES), The Errols, Art Adams (US), Wild Rooster, Rocket Overdrive, Wreck 48, Ulf-Runes, Fanny Mae & The Dynamite Believers, Hank T Morris, Carin Morris, The Hawaii brothers

21, 15 mars 2014

Eddie & the Flatheads, The beat from Palookaville, Tin Cans (D), Mad Sin (D), Sharnae Mae (UK), Hicksville Bombers (UK), Eddie Nilsson, The Ryans, Charlie Thompson (UK), Snakebite, Million Dollar Tones (SF), Knuckle Duster, Sweet Mandy and the teen twisters, Sixteen Flames, Dr Harmonica (US),

22, 8 november 2014
Francine (SF), Blue Cats (UK), Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers rockabilly show (US), Steve Riot and the sick boys, Backdraft (NL/D), The Errols, Mikki Lamarr (SF), Country Cattin’ rockin’ set (UK), Eva Eastwood and the major keys rock show, Pepita slappers, The Jetaways, Tupelo highshots, TT-Grace, Steve Riot and the sick boys, Hurley and the blue dots

23, 14 mars 2015
Fatboy, Johnny and the Roccos (UK), Night Nurse (SF), Wild Rooster, Mad Martin (ES), Foggy Mountain Rockers (D), Eddie Nilsson, Whistle Bait (SF), Boppin Steve & the Playtones, Hank Sundown & the Roaring Cascades (N), Monkey and the Baboons (POL), The Cellmates (SVK), Honeyboy Slim and the bad habits, The Swingville bros. (N)

24, 14 november 2015
The Dynamics, Kingmen & Karen Lee Carol, Ronnie Nightingale and The Haydocks (NL), The Sharks (UK), Miss Rhythm Sophie & Mr Twist (D), Kentucky Boys (D), The Errols, Emmy Lou & the Rhythm Boys, Domestic Bumblebees med Sven Zetterberg, Six Teen Flames, Mad Martin with special guest Steve Riot (ES/S), PatC Miller & The Tailshakers, Hurricane Rockers, The Intolerants, The Fastback, Dr Harmonica (US)

25, 12 Mars 2016
Crazy Cavan, Batmobile (NL), Black Raven (D), Wild Rooster, Marcel Riesco and The Oobie, Doobies Roy Orbison tribute (US/S), Built for speed (N), Hilly and the real deal, Andy and the rockets, Tennessee Drifters, The Errols, Fanny Mae and the dynamite believers, Maryann and the Tre-Tones (EE), Orbitunes, Jake Moonshine & his Brewers, Rob´s Rockin´ Blues Combo, DJ Svante Grundberg

26, 12 november 2016
Ellen Kay Band, Jack Rabbit Slim (UK), Si Cranstoun (UK), Barnyarn Devils (S/D), The Peacocks (CH), The Errols, Hank T Morris, Jump for joy XL, DJ Svante Grundberg, Billy and the Kids, Sweet Mandy and the Teen Twisters, The Booze Bombs (D), Sandy and the Wild Wombats, Mike Teardrop Trio, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Rob´s Rockin´ Blues Combo

27, 11 mars 2017
Restless (UK), Black Knights, Fatboy, Tin Cans (D), The Roomates & The Major Keys (UK/S), Sick Boys XL (S/ES), The Errols, Fastback, The Relax trio (SF), Hard Rollin Daddies (N), Ramblin Bandits (DK), Rockin’ Hellfire (ES), Blue Eagles, I Puben: Dr Harmonica (US), DJ Svante Grundberg

28, 18 november 2017
Teen Beat Revue, Handsome Brothers, Keksi (LV), The Bullets (UK), Small Town Pimps, The Errols, Phil Haley and His Comments (UK), Wild Rooster, DJ Kåre, Lily Locksmith, The Troubled Three, Matchless 59 (N), CorrupTED (F), Roaddust, Dr Harmonica (US)

29, 17 mars 2018
Sarah Vista (UK), Velocity Brown and the Hotrods (UK), Furious ft. Wild Bob Burgos on Drums (UK), Little Lesley & the bloodshoots  (US), The Spunyboys (F), Keksi (LV), Jack Baymoore and the Bandits, Tamra Rosanes and The Rowdy Cowboys (US/DK), DJ SVANTE GRUNDBERG, Devil dog road (SF), The Johnny Hootch Gang, Trouble Boys (N), The Rockaways, A.K and The brotherhood, Pepita Slappers, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

30, 17 november 2018
Fatboy, The Number 9 Blacktops (US), Dead Beatz (Österike), Wild Angels Rock’n’roll Band (UK), Foggy Mountain Rockers (D), Relax Trio (SF), Swamp Shakers (LV), The Errols, Lady Luck Lexy & The Riverside Boys (UK), Devil Dog Road (SF), Hurricane Rockers, Lady Luck Combo, Roadkill Rockers, Dr Harmonica (US), DJ Kåre

31. 16 november 2019
Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers, Top Cats, Restless (UK), Black Knights, Errols, Dj KÅRE, Bamboo Bombers, Johnny and the Roccos (UK), Gogetters, Hubcaps, Mad Martin & The Roadkill Rockers (S/ES), Hi-Fly Rangers (SF), Blue Eagles, Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts (SF), Swingville bros (N), Snakebite, The Roadkill Rockers, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

32. 20 november 2021
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits, The Go getters, Fatboy, John Lindberg Trio, Black Raven (D), The Errols, Mike Teardrop Trio, Jumpin’ Tom & The Amplifiers, Paul Mojo and The Black Kat Bones, Bad Luck & Trouble, Hicksville Bombers, Lady Luck Lexy & The Riverside Boys (UK), The Delray Rockets (UK), Roadkill Rockers, Dr Harmonica (US), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

33. 19 nov 2022
The Honkabillies (UK), Eva Eastwood, The Go Getters, Callinaz, Red Hot Riot UK, The Errols, Pallanites, Freddy Velas and the Silvertones (Ita), Jumpin’ Jukebox, June and Johnny Cash tribute (ES), The Radiovisions, Flatland Trio, The Troubled three, Mad Martin Trio (ES), Cecilia & the Happy Combo, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

34. 18 nov 2023
Jumpin’ Up (ITA), Restless (UK), Fatboy, Rhythm Sophie & The Twisters (D), Screaming Rebel Angels (US), Go Getters, Black Knights, Tupelo Highshots, The Errols – 20-års-jubileum, Trouble Boys (N), Larry Dupio Trio Rock’n’roll set (US/Hawaii), Teddy Ericsson, Hardbeat Hornets, I puben: Cecilia & The Happy Combo, Spike from Quireboys Acoustic Rock’n’roll show (UK), I Pianobaren: Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson


3+4 september 2021
Mike Teardrop trio, Hi Flyin’ Combo (S/EST), Jack Baymoore & the bandits, Fatboy, The Errols, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Roadkill Rockers, Top Chefs, Wild Rooster, Tennessee Drifters, Eva Eastwood, The Go Getters



1, 25 nov 2001
Eldkvarn, Roffe Wikström, Träd gräs och stenar, Jack Vreeswijk, Magnus Lindberg, Dr Harmonica

2, 22 nov 2002
Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Anders F Rönnblom, Dr Harmonica, Contact, Träd gräs o stenar, Stefan Sundström, Kjell Höglund & Johan Johansson, Roffe Wikström med Blue Hammer +!, Kebnekajse

3, 29 nov 2003
Roffe Wikström med Blue Hammer +!, Dr Harmonica, Trettioåriga kriget, Mikael Ramel, Fläsket Brinner , Contact , Kjell Höglund & Johan Johansson, Blå Tåget , Psychedelic dream med Kenny Håkansson, Cecilia & The Happy Happies, Jack Vreeswijk

4, 26 novenber 2004
Sefan Sundström, Roffe Wikström , Fläsket Brinner, Kebnekajse, Ola Magnell – Tid, Plura & Karla, Anders F. Rönnblom, Gudibrallan, Motvind, Sanna Karlstedt , Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Dr Harmonica, Svarte Pan , Asoka , Anekdoten, Qoph

5, 25 nov 2005
Stefan Sundström, Roffe Wikström & Blue Hammer, Träd gräs och stenar, Pugh Rogefeldt, Archimedes badkar, Sanna Carlstedt, Charlie & Esdor, Kenny Håkanssons gitarrtrio, BC & Heartkeys, Dr Harmonica, Cecilia & the Happy happies , Asoka, Kjell Höglund & Johan Johansson, Mikael Ramel & Merit Hemmingson Hyllning till Allan Edwall

6, 11 November 2006
Nationalteatern, Roffe Wikström bluesband, Dag Vag, Anders F. Rönnblom, Contact, Cecilia & the Happy Hippies, Finn Zetterholm, Lalla Hansson, Atomic Swing, Stefan Dafgård & Markus Svensson, Ulf Sandström & Kopp Te, Kjell Höglund & Johan Johansson

7, 10 nov 2007
Nationalteatern, Kebnekajse, Dag Vag, Roffe Wikström, November, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Eldkvarn, Asoka, Sanna Carlstedt, MA Numminen, Ola Magnell, Ulf Sandström & Kopp Te, Bottleneck John trio

8, 7 november 2008
Eldkvarn, Asoka, Fläsket Brinner, Roffe Wikström, Cecilia & the happy happies, Pugh Rogefelt, Contact, Johnnarna, Bill Öhrström band, Stefan Sundström, M.A. Numminen, Thomas Wiehe & Peter Elmberg, Baby Grandmothers, Staffan Hellstrand

9, 7 november 2009
Roffe Wikström band, Cecilia & the happy happies, Trettioåriga kriget Motvind, Träd gräs och stenar, Anders F. Rönnblom, Torkel Rasmusson & Kjell Westling, Mattias Hellberg & TWM Asoka tolkar Allan Edwall, Kung Tung, Mats Ronander, Pugh Rogefeldt trio, Torsson, Siena Root, Erik Brodén & Johan Dereborn, Silvo’s samelsurium, DJ Kåre Ljunggren

10, 20 nov 2010
Nationalteatern’s Rockorkester, Kebnekajse, Mountain (US) Leslie West, Corky Laing och Rev Jones, Caj Karlsson trio, Stefan Sundström band, Horisont, Kenny Håkansson’s, Emma Essinger band, Erik Brodén trio, Roffe Wikström band, Cecilia & the happy happies, Jack Vreeswijk, Sanna Carlstedt & Johan Johansson, Johnnarna med Kenny Håkansson, Ulf Sandström, DJ Kåre Ljunggren

11, 19 nov 2011
M.A. Numminen, Pugh Rogefeldt trio, Nationalteatern, Dan Hylander & rockorkestern, Cecilia & The Happy Happies, Clas Yngström special med John Coghlan (Status Quo), Arne Blomqvist & Lars Kronquist + Special guest, Roffe Wikström band, Thorsten Flinck & Kenny Håkansson, Gudibrallan, Asoka, Mårran, Baby Grandmothers, Staffan Hellstrand o Sara Löfgren, Little Marbles, Gunnar Danielsson, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson , Dr Harmonica (US), DJ Kåre & Company

12, 17 november 2012
Torsson, Roffe Wikström band, Uno Svenningsson band, David Urwitz band, Norrbottens järn, Nationalteatern, Jack Vreeswijk, Anders F. Rönnblom, Asoka, Sanna Carlstedt band, Kenny Håkansson duo, Cecilia & the happy happies, Kung Tung lever, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US), Ken Hensley (UK)

13, 16 november 2013
Kebnekajse, The Troggs (UK), Pugh Rogefelt Band, Roffe Wikström band, Motvind, Bill’s all stars med Loffe, Kenny och Manne, Proggens all stars, Sanna Carlstedt band, Cecilia Ringkvist & Keneth Edh, Lars Demian & David Tallroth, Johan Johansson Band, Mårran, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Erik B 3 Explosive

14, 15 november 2014
SAGA, Uriah Heep Legends (UK), Nisse Hellberg, Cecilia & the Happy Happies, Anders Wendin, Anders F. Rönnblom, Roffe Wikström band, Louise Hoffsten, David Urwitz band, Ola Magnell, The, Vanjas, Asoka, Anna Stadling, Bill & Kennny, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

15, 21 november 2015
John Holm, Dag Vag med gäster, Gitarrer utan gränser – Jojje Wadenius, Kenny Håkansson & Roffe Wikström tillsammans med Cecilia Ringkvist, Göran Lagerberg och ”Kapten” Dahlbäck, Pugh Rogefeldt band, Uggly Strix, Asoka, Roffe Wikström band, Dj Kåre Ljunggren, Jack Vreeswijk, Heartbreak, Slade (UK), Strindbergs, Jan Hammarlund, Spinning Jennies, MA Numminen (SF), The Erik B Explosive 3, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

16, 19 november 2016
Cream of Mountain (US), John Holm, Roffe Wikström band, Motvind, Cecilia & the Happy happies, FU*K, Louise Hoffsten, Caroline Af Ugglas, Dj Kåre Ljunggren, Asoka, Sanna Carlstedt, Baby Grandmothers, Thorsten Flinck, Ted Ström & söner, Kaipa da capo, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

17, 9 mars 2018
Roffe Wikström band, Mikael Ramel band, Pugh Rogefeldt trio, Nynningen, Cecilia Ringkvist & Claes Yngström band, Kebnekajse, Contact, Dj Kåre Ljunggren, Jack Vreeswijk, M.A. Numminen, Asoka, Proggs, Jojje Wadenius trio, Dr Harmonica (US), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

18, 5 april 2019
John Holm, Lisa Lystam Family Band, Nynningen med gäst Stefan Sundström, Cecilia & Pityful Brew Band, Roffe Wikström Band, Anders F. Rönnblom, Eva Eastwood, Baby Grandmothers, Asoka, Abramis Brama, Siena Root, M.A. Numminen, Demian & Tallroth, Mikael Rickfors trio, Max & Gaffa

Country at Sea

1, 9 november 2014
Countryside of harmonica sam, Country Cattin’ (UK), Sonny Burgess and the legendary pacers (US), The European highway men and the back beat band (Arly Karlsen & G Thomas) (N), Flat git it band, Tennesee drifters, Eva Eastwood and the Major Keys, Rasmus Eriksson, The Jetaways, Mad Dogs, Grassride, Lotta Källström

2, 16 mars 2018
Albin & The Honky Tonk Express, Little Lesley & the bloodshoots country show (US), Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers (SF), Tamra Rosanes and The Rowdy Cowboys (US/DK), Sarah Vista (UK), Tennessee Drifters, Larry Peninsula (SF), Hometown Marie, The Countryside of Harmonica Sam, Dj Svante Grundberg, Homesick Mac & Maria Stille, Midland, Cold Mountain Band, Dr Harmonica (US), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson


Blues at Sea

1, 17 nov 2002
Blue Hammer, Taboogie, Knock-Out Greg and Blue Weather, Mark Hummel and the blues survivors, Roffe Wikström, Bill’s boogie band, Junior Watson, Kovers, Lexie Blues band, Loffe and the playmates

2, 30 nov 2003
Roffe Wikström med Blue Hammer + !, Stockholm All Star Blues, Oiling Boiling Rhythm’n Blues Band feat. Blues Mama Brown Sugar Dixon, Dr Harmonica, Wentus Blues Band, Sonny Rhodes, Blues Addiction, Baba Blues, Big Joe Louis & his Blues Kings, Rhythm Kings, Blueass Bluesband, Texas Twisters, Mike’s Blue Groove

3, 21 november 2004
Sven Zetterberg bluesband, Lazy Lester and East side soul, Kristin Berglund, Mönsterås bluesband, Wentus bluesband feat Phil Guy och Pepe Ahlqvist , Paul and the Blue Delivery, Jamsession med Stockholm All Star Bluesband, Bluestrio – världens minsta trio (feat Pera Joe + Homesick Mac) Moose, Gumbo, Two Timers – ex. Dr Feelgood, Stefan Dafgård & Marcus Svensson, Blue Thrill, Keith Dunn – solo, Dunn, Joe & Mac, Bill Öhrström & Kenny Håkansson , Joyce

4, 8 okt 2005
Roffe Wikström & Blue Hammer, Sven Zetterberg trio, Blue Thrill, Baba Blues, BC-Heartkeys, Hooters Blues feat. Slam Allen, Ulf Sandström New Orleans tur o retur, Thornetta Davis (US), Sture Elldin feat. Little Hank, Edith Strindberg trio, Johan Eliasson

5, 12 November 2006
Rita Engedalen (N), Killing Floor (UK), Stefan Dafgård & Markus Svensson, Red’n’Blue, Roffe Wikström bluesband, Erics bluesband , Ulf Sandström & Stickan Sjöberg, Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings, Marino Valle and the King Five med Sven Zetterberg och Slaptones, Hoboken Slim & The Nighttrippers (BE/S), Cecilia’s bluestrio, Two Timers (UK), E-Flat Jump, Alain Dodji Apaloo

6, 11 nov 2007
Jack Lidström´s Hep Cats, Sandviken Big band & Claes Jansson, Janne “Loffe” Carlsson and the playmates, Malene Mortensen (DK), Sweet Emma and the mood swingers, Claes Crona trio Café inkl.
– Svante Thuresson & Viktoria Tolstoy
– Tre Tenorer, Jonas Kullhammar, Hector Bingert, Karl-Martin Almqvist,
– Andreas Öberg
– Blue Thrill, Bobby Rush (US), Sven Zetterberg trio
– Roffe Wikström duo, Elmore james jr (US)
– Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Ulf Sandström & Elmore James Jr
– Bottleneck John trio, Kingbees

7, 8 november 2008
Tuxedo Jazz band, Ricky Cool and the Hoola Boola Boys, Ballroom Big Band, Junior Watson with Jump for Joy (US/S), Wentus Bluesband with Barrence Whitfield (US/SF), Gunhild Carling swingband, Toni Lynn Washington with friends (US), Darrell Nulisch W/Very Special Guests (US), Claes Crona trio med Scott Hamilton (S/US), Slim1s bluesgang incl. Bill & Guy Öhrström, Roffe Wikström, Vivian Buczek & Hector B., Sharpnotes, Claes Crona trio med Svante Thuresson & Lisa, Cecilia Ringkvist trio, Ramblers

8, 2009
Ronander Blues • Roffe Wikström • Interstate 40 • Tomas Arnesen • Matti Norlin • Ulf Sandström • Buckaroos • Blues 4 You • Jakob and the Jackels • Blue Thrill • Svante Grundberg

9, 2010
Skybenders • Thorbjorn Rishager Bluesband • Roffe Wikström Band • Wentus Bluesband • Wolfman Jack • Joel De Luna • Ingrid Savbrant • Sven Zetterberg med Rockarounds • Blue Comets • Ulf Sandström & Bosse Gustafsson • Slidin’ Slim & Jimmy Z • Dj: Svante Grundberg

10, 2011
Roffe Wikström band • Sven Zetterberg band • Louise Hoffsten with Wentus Bluesband • Knock-out Greg & The Injectors • Lazy Rooster s • Blue Blazers • Booze Brothers • Zydeco Top Dogs • Pub Homesick Mac • Pianobar Per & Andrea Ängkvist • DJ Svante Grundberg • Tehler Blues band

11, 20 oktober 2012
Jasmine Kara, Thomas Grahn bluesband, Sven Zetterberg bluesband, Roffe Wikström band, Ronander blues, Texas Twisters (N), Trickbag, Stewe Cato, Just started rollin, Edith Strindberg trio, Bert Deivert & Janne Zander, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US), DJ Svante

12, 19 oktober 2013
Mike Sanchez (UK), Bill Öhrström band, Roffe Wikström band, The Beat From Palookaville, Lisa Lystam band, Nathan James (US), Sven Zetterberg band, Cecilia Ringkvist & Claes Yngström, Blues trio Homesick Mac + Pera Joe, Bill, Slim & Guy, DJ & VJ Svante Grundberg, Jack McGuinness and the hot bullets, Hurley & The Blue Dots, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson

13, 18 oktober 2014
Domestic Bumblebees, Duke Robillard & Wntus Bluesband (US/SF), Louise Hoffsten, Roffe Wikström band, Erja Lyytinen (SF), Howling Dale and the Hound Dogs, Mönsterås bluesband, Thorbjörn Risager & the Black Tornado (DK), Hot Dog Taylor, Ida Bang & the Blue Tears, Lisa Lystam trio, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

14, 17 oktober 2015
Birdlegg, Bluesvaranerna – Bill Öhrström, Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson, Kenny Håkansson & Göran Lagerberg, Baba Blues, Honeyboy Slim & the Bad Habits, Sofie Reed (US), Just started Rollin’, DJ Svante Grundberg, Among Lynx, Bill Öhrström & Shoutin’ Red, Jeff Jensen band (US), Kingbees, Roffe Wikström band, Ladies got the blues, Thorbjörn Risager & the Black Tornado med Miriam Mandipira (Dk/Zimb), Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

15, 22 oktober 2016
Trickbag, Pontus Snibb’s Wreck Of Blues, Roffe Wikström band, Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials (US), Wentus Bluesband 30-års jubileum (SF), Louise Hoffsten, Sven Zetterberg, Svante Grundberg, Winter’s Bone – Tibute to Johnny Winter, Black River Delta, Lena & the slide brothers (SF), Homesick mac & Maria Stille, Robert Lighthouse Trio, Rev Curt & Troublemakers, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

16, 21 oktober 2017
Erica Baijer & the Business, Roffe Wikström, Si Cranstoun (UK), Zed Head (US), Knock -Out Greg and The Jukes, Trickbag med Mercedes Moore och Missy Andersen (S/US), Caroline Af Ugglas, Svante Grundberg, Ruffle Roots, Dead Beatz (AUSTRIA), Uncle Doghouse, Winter’s Bone – Tribute to Johnny Winter, Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton (US), Roffe, Fredrik & Lisa, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

17, 20 oktober 2018
Jumpin’up Swing and Jive (Sicily, Italy), Nellie Tiger Travis with the Top Dogs (US/S), Kjell Gustavsson R&B Orchestra med gäst Tove Gustavsson, Lystam & Bang med Skanky Fred, Bill’s Boogie Band – Bill Öhrström & Kenny Håkansson med flera, Roffe Wikström band, Kokomo Kings, Wentus Blues Band (SF), Barrence Whitfield (US), Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues, Baba Blues, Eric Hansson & Slidin’ Slim, Factory smokers Street Rrevue, I Pianobaren: Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, I puben Dr Harmonica (US), DJ Svante Grundberg

18. 19 oktober 2019
Lisa Lystam Family Band, Quireboys (UK), Roffe Wikström, Guitars, Guitars and More Guitars! (SF),Dj Kåre, Marino Valle band, Julia & The Basement Tapes, Blue Thrill, Canadian Club: Hyllning till Totta Näslund, Felicia Nielsen, Nicklas & Baganom Band, T-bear & the Dukes, Kenny Håkanssons blues project, Bottleneck John’s Delta Duo, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson, Dr Harmonica (US)

19. 19 nov. 2023
Ronander Blues, Blues at sea all star band, Lightning Larry Dupio Band (US-Hawaii), Jumpin Up (ITA), Zed Head (CAN), The Family Jukebox, Bill’s Boogie Band, Amaury Faivre (FRA), Bror Gunnar Jansson, Solid Zue & The Crooked Teeth, Bluebirds med gäst Erika Baier, Matti Norlin, Cecilia & the Happy Combo, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson


15+16 oktober 2021
Mike & the fallouts, Baskery, Bill’s boggie band, Little John & the Jook Joints, Faraj Risberg Rogefeldt, LLisa ystam Trio, Dr Harmonica (US), Bill Öhrström & Kenny Håkansson, Blue Thrill, Roffe Wikström, Lisa Lystam family band, Wreck of Blues, The Blue Benders, Uncle Doghouse, Howling T Dahl, Ulf Sandström & Bo Gustafsson



1, 26 nov 2001
Bad Cash Quartet, Yvonne, Nocounts

2, 18 nov 2002
Space age Baby Jane, Marit Bergman, Patrik Kolar and his Funky Friends, The Sounds, Mando Diao, Roxanne

3, 24 nov 2003
The Concretes, Hell on wheels, The Nocounts, Paula, Parker, Nina Rochelle, José González

4, 22 november 2004
Joyce, Bring me the fucking riot… man, Paris, Moneybrother solo, Strip Music – Med bl.a. Henrik De La Cour och Christian Berg frånYvonne, Deportees, Schlagertimme inkl. liveuppträdande av Anna Book, Club Killers, Bob Hansson, Dj Rolle & Dj Ken från spanska solkusten

5, 7 nov 2005
Looptroop, Christian Kjellvander, Laakso, Mattias Alkberg BD, Puma, Baboon show, Alice in videoland

6, 12 nov 2006
Yellow Mike, Club Killers, Dj Rolle, Dj Najk, Slaptones